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Our story

focused on making world more sustainable

What happens, when four persons with different skills and experiences happen to meet?

In March 2017 R8 Technologies was officially founded by 4 co-founders. At that moment there was a very clear understanding what are the biggest bottlenecks for premium class commercial buildings’ indoor comfort, energy efficiency and sustainability issues. And even more importantly – there was a clear, strong and unique concept of how to move buildings’ technical management to the next generation with Artificial Intelligence, with autonomous AI HVAC technology.

It has been a real challenge to develop AI supporting premium class commercial buildings’ sustainability and efficiency goals without any additional investment. I am proud to say that we have succeeded!

Just 2 interesting facts to present on our road in addition to our growing team, clients’ portfolio and investors. Firstly, 2 of our first 3 clients’ ex-CEOs have joined the R8tech team! Secondly, the founder and a former owner of TOP1 facility management company in Estonia sold the company and joined our investors & advisory team.

R8tech is the future and the future is already today!

The bigger picture and our role in it

Our vision is to transform buildings and the world into a greener place.

Our mission is to improve buildings climate comfort and energy savings by developing and applying AI-powered R8 Digital Operator.

Our values

Our core values:


We know what we can promise. We keep our promises.


We offer results and prove it with real numbers. No tricks.


We find talents who are smarter than us. We develop.


We love what we do. We work hard and love will find us!

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