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Digital Operator

R8 Digital Operator is an award winning autonomous AI HVAC software for Commercial Real Estate - Your 1st digital & the most efficient employee. R8 Digital Operator helps You to achieve Your ESG goals and saves up to 30% in Your energy costs.

R8 Digital Operator is the​ first​ digital employee for commercial real estate

R8 Digital Operator is an award winning autonomous Artificial Intelligence HVAC software, that helps to achieve Your ESG goals and saves up to 30% in Your building’s energy costs. It optimises commercial buildings energy consumption, which helps to save the energy, money and our planet.
R8 Digital Operator AI HVAC

We have developed the next generation tool for Your technical team – an AI-based software technology that we integrate to Your building’s management system and start making it from day ONE! Not to mention Digital Operator’s efficiency as it is able to read, calculate, analyze and – most uniquely – adjust settings 1000s of times every 15 minutes, 24/7.

How it works?

R8 Digital Operator controls and adjusts the heating, ventilation and air conditioning settings to optimize indoor comfort levels with minimum cost. As a result, thousands of monthly intelligent adjustments are made to your building. And the more complex the building, the better results it can achieve. Customers are being briefed about the energy efficiency adjustments, tasks and results via comprehensive, but easy to read monthly report and real time User Interface.
CO2 & energy
> 30%
indoor climate
> 90%
-20% LCC

Look at the GREEN numbers:

Here are savings by R8 Digital Operator during 4 months (Nov’21-Feb’22). Average number of HVAC-system setpoint changes in these buildings completed by R8 Digital Operator in Nov.-Feb was 8300 changes (per building per month).
Savings / m²
15 300 m²
36 140 €
0,59 €
19 000 m²
36 230 €
0,48 €
19 600 m²
33 010 €
0,42 €
42 900 m²
66 820 €
0,39 €
38 600 m²
54 470 €
0,35 €
5 600 m²
7 830 €
0,35 €
102 000 m²
82 380 €
0,20 €
R8 Digital Operator controls already over 1 400 000 m2 space of well-known offices, hotels and shopping centres. It is used as a premium energy efficiency solution by CBRE, EDP and many others in several European countries.

One great user story:

Can there be anything more convincing when a client makes a video about your  solution supporting their buildings? This is exactly what Ülemiste Center has done and we are glad to share it – have a l👀k!

Play Video about R8 Digital Operator Ülemiste Center

If you are interested in achieving your company’s ESG goals and saving up to 30% in energy costs, don’t hesitate to contact us – click here!

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