Digital Operator

With R8 Digital Operator Your building's energy savings can be up to 30%!

There is no need for You to invest in expensive hardware or software to increase your efficiency and sustainability. And – there is no need to your technical team to learn how to use a new user’s interface – it is a UI-free solution in R8tech’s case. R8 Digital Operator is our premium service.

R8 Digital Operator

We have developed the next generation tool for Your technical team – an AI-based software technology that we integrate to Your building’s automation system and start making it from day ONE with no CapEx for You (or CapEx only if more convenient for You). Not to mention our Digital Operator’s efficiency as it is able to read, calculate, analyse and – most uniquely – adjust settings 1000s of times every 15 minutes, and it works 24/7!

We work based on 3 main KPIs:


Comfortable indoor climate

Technical condition

Two-step integration model:

1. Integration + 1st Diagnostics Report
EUR/m² per integration and detailed diagnostics report.

2. Autopilot + Diagnostics
monthly fixed fee EUR/m² with savings validation OR shared savings model dividing savings 50/50 or CapEx if requested by You. 

What does R8 Digital Operator do in your Building Automation System (BMS)?

There are up to thousands of HVAC components and tens of thousands datapoints connected to the building’s BMS. Depending on a building’s size and complexity there are tens and hundreds of similar dashboards of different equipment with a possibility to change several setpoints. If one setpoint is changed in one component – how will it influence energy efficiency, indoor comfort, and impact other components’ performance?

What other setpoints need to be changed in relation to that, to which extent and when? That is the problem that R8 Digital Operator is solving mathematically: regulating the systems’ controllable parameters by including building dynamical modelling, real-time user interaction and predictions of weather and electricity prices to heat, ventilate and cool at the right time and the right amount. Decisions are based on 3 main KPIs: Indoor Comfort, Energy Efficiency and Technical Condition.

R8 Digital Operator has been tested and validated already in facilities with a total size over 750 000 m² (as of June. 01, 2021) with BMS age ranging from brand new to 10+ years old all over Europe from Finland to Portugal. The solution is validated and confirmed by the automation systems’ manufacturers, suppliers, installation- and management companies in different countries.

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