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Handover Testing

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A modern commercial building contains thousands of HVAC system components and tens of thousands of datapoints full commissioning of which is highly labour-intensive work.

Our experience shows that even up to 30% of HVAC equipment is underperforming due to poor commissioning quality and poor usability of the systems for the maintenance team. This results in a long and painful commissioning phase that causes higher energy costs, indoor climate issues, shorter expected lifespan of equipment and additional maintenance work resulting in higher lifecycle costs (on average +10%).

R8 Handover Testing is designed to address these issues with modern techniques. The digitalized testing of HVAC system’s every component is carried out over a couple of weeks as a result of fast systems’ integration speed and automated data based performance tests. As a result, a highly performing building is achieved in an exceptionally fast period of time compared to traditional (inefficient) methods used by the industry.

This automated service provides an open and independent overview of the condition and capacity of HVAC technical systems (heating, ventilation, cooling, rooms) during the commissioning, warranty time and technical due diligence of the building.

What is R8 Handover Testing?

R8tech’s connection and integration phase with a completed BMS system usually takes 1-3 weeks. During the (up to) two-week testing phase, the system performance is evaluated, and potential failures are found in more detail.

The results will be presented to the Customer as a task list, which is meant to be corrected by the Contractor. Next tests can be performed once the outdoor weather or usage has significantly changed as well as following up with the completion of the tasks. Look also our premium product, R8 Digital Operator.

Testing process timeline:

Traditional Commissioning:

Commissioning with R8tech:

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