With R8 Digital Operator Your building's energy savings can be up to 30%!

R8tech is an award winning international proptech company with clients and activities all over Europe and Latin America. Our main solution – R8 Digital Operator – is a cloud-based and Artificial Intelligence-driven software for real estate managers to support the ESG goals by increasing the performance of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Cooling) systems and their technical servicing by autonomous control system.

R8 Digital Operator and all our services can be integrated remotely according to the highest IT-security standards with almost any existing BMS without additional hardware! It takes intelligent and automated control and operating over the HVAC systems 24/7, cuts the total energy costs and CO2 emission up to 30% (average is ca 15%) and improves indoor climate stability with novel fault diagnostics features. At the same time, it can remain a dashboard free solution.

R8tech takes your building’s technical management to the next generation!

R8 Digital Operator is autonomous AI for HVAC
R8 Digital Operator is autonomous AI for HVAC
R8 Digital Operator

Clients in Latvia

Riga Plaza

Riga, Latvia

Size: 66,570 m2

LNK Centre

Riga, Latvia

Size: 10,500 m2

RIMI Marupe

Marupe, Latvia

Size: 2,690 m2

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Klaus Ek, CCO R8 Technologies
Klaus Ek CCO
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