R8 Digital Operator

R8 Digital Operator is a web-based software add-on for your Building Automation System (BAS).

See it as a series of mathematical algorithms, calculated 4 times an hour to find the most efficient way to adjust your building HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) systems so that all the rooms are heated, cooled and ventilated at the right time, in the right amount.

What does R8 Digital Operator offer?



R8 gives a rating to your building energy performance and automation systems.

Based on an analysis of the heat and electricity bills of your building we give a rating to your building’s energy performance. We go through the automation system and check how well the building is centrally automated and give ratings to the various components of the automation system.

The ratings help to better understand the quality of the building in general, how easy it is to maintain it and plan the feasibility future investments.

energy savings

Cut on total energy use up to 30%.

R8 Digital Operator takes care of your building by analysing the demands of every room while also considering weather predictions, energy prices etc. to determine the optimal configuration for the heating, cooling and ventilation systems. This process is repeated 4 times per hour and the optimal parameters are automatically sent to the building automation system.

By helping you save wisely on your buildings’ indoor climate expenses, R8 Digital Operator will also make its carbon footprint significantly smaller. Help the planet by helping yourself.

optimal indoor climate

R8 Digital Operator creates the optimal indoor climate for every room, always.

We don’t sacrifice indoor climate when generating savings because better indoor climate leads to better health and improves performance of employees. Happy staff, tenants, and visitors are the foundation of a good business.

R8 Digital operator creates the optimal indoor climate for all tenants and visitors by analysing if and when different areas of the building are used, allowing the AI to adjust the HVAC accordingly. It also takes into account tenant preferences by monitoring and learning from user interactions with room controllers.

efficient fault detection

R8 Digital Operator gives a detailed analysis of each component and generates automatic tasks

The buildings’ managers and owners don’t have to wonder what’s happening. It’s easy to be up to date with the latest information about the building.

When BAS provides you with basic alerts, R8 Digital Operator provides efficient fault detection through running algorithms on the system. Once a fault is found, the technical team gets and instant notification for maintenance works.

tracking progress

Check on the progress of repair works, comment on issues, contact assignees etc.

User interface provides full documentation: view the list of tasks generated by fault detection algorithms, create new tasks or edit existing ones. See the plots of faulty component data with problematic time frames in highlight. View time tracking reports and performance of employees or subcontractors.

accessible platform

One control panel for live updates as well as making adjustments to the systems is available anywhere, anytime.

BAS views are usually fragmented and only accessible on console, on site. R8 Digital Operator offers a full overview of technical systems, their history, and present state on one application available over the web.

From day one you can view the health of the HVAC systems in your building

After a month of collecting data from your building, you’ll get a more detailed report of your building’s health. R8 Digital Operator makes suggestions how technical maintenance operations could be improved to save your time. Plus it predicts how much you could exactly save in monthly energy bills in coming year with R8tech.


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How to get R8 Digital Operator?

It’s simple and requesting takes only some minutes

We will establish a R8tech gateway at your building and you are all set to go! All you need to have is BAS and internet connection. There is no need for any other additional hardware!


ulemiste Ülemiste Keskus is the biggest shopping centre in Estonia. With a 99,643m² it is an upstanding neighbor to Tallinn Airport in the country’s capital city.
redi The REDI mall in Helsinki, Finland is a 63,500 m² building that contains restaurants, shops and parking. The building’s owners ordered R8tech to run diagnostics for their building.

...and many more. Check out our portfolio here.

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R8tech was the 1st technology company in the whole Scandinavia, Baltics and Easter Europe that was certified with the International PropTech Innovation Label by the Swiss Proptech Academy in 2021.

UK International trade

R8tech was identified one of the Europes 3 best tech scale-ups by the UK Department of International Trade in 2021.

AI based competition

R8tech was selected the best building energy efficiency solution and awarded for innovation in AI-based HVAC Optimisation in 2020.

Top50 startup

R8tech was listed in TOP50 EU PropTech Startups in 2020.


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Start Up Energy Transition (SET) is a leading international platform supporting innovation in energy transition. In a cooperation with German Energy Agency, German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy and World Energy Council they have selected R8tech as the top 100 start-ups of the year.


R8tech in cooperation with Department of Civil Engineering & Architecture and Department of Computer Systems of Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) have been granted a 165000€ R&D grant by Archimedes Foundation.


R8tech has been nominated the Winner of Ramboll Bright Ideas Challenge 2019. Ramboll is a leading engineering, architecture and consultancy company founded in 1945. Ramboll employs 16500 people globally in 35 countries.