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R8 Digital Operator

R8 Digital Operator is a web-based software add-on for your Building Automation System (BAS).

See it as a series of mathematical algorithms, calculated 4 times an hour to find the most efficient way to adjust your building HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) system so that all the rooms are heated, cooled and ventilated at the right time, in the right amount.

How to get R8 Digital Operator?

It’s simple and requesting takes only some minutes

We will establish a R8tech gateway at your building and you are all set to go! All you need to have is BAS and internet connection. There is no need for any other additional hardware!

Does your building fit the requirements?

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Since day one, you can view the health of the HVAC systems in your building.

After a month of collecting data from your building, you’ll get a more detailed report of your building’s health. R8 Digital Operator makes suggestions how technical maintenance operations could be improved to save your time. Plus it predicts how much you could save in monthly energy bills in coming year with R8tech.

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Main Features


Indoor climate management

24/7/365 the optimal indoor climate, considering ongoing changes in tenant needs, visitor statistics, current weather and the forecast. The smarter control system avoids overheating, overcooling and overventilating. R8 Digital Operator learns how to exactly accommodate different rooms.

Fault detection

Fault detection

Predicting and auto-detecting root causes and calculating operational cost for irregularities. Faults are automatically assigned as tasks for technical crews to go on site to fix the faulty components. This reduces systems downtime and the number of complaints from tenants.


Better accessibility

Web-based access to tailored analytical and visual views of energy consumption, whole HVAC systems condition, weather prediction and real-time energy market data. The web application will help the operators understand the HVAC systems even better.

Right time, right amount, right price

How can you save on energy and improve the indoor climate with R8 Digital Operator?
Smarter control
For example heating and cooling might run at the same time, creating excessive waste. Because the systems are too complicated this might go unnoticed. R8 Digital Operator will not miss it and will synchronize the technical components immediately.
More frequent adjustments
The BAS settings usually don’t consider the weather forecast, energy market prices or the change in numbers of visitors throughout the day but R8 Digital Operator monitors the building and its surroundings 24/7/365.
Transparency and quality
R8 Digital Operator brings in transparency into the state of HVAC systems around the clock. It can also validate the quality of repair and maintenance works, providing instant analytical feedback on the impact of any changes.
This makes sure that all the rooms are heated, cooled and ventilated at the right time, in the right amount. All-in-all, R8 Digital operator improves the indoor climate for tenants and visitors while providing up to 40% energy savings on HVAC costs.


It’s fair to pay only on performance.

Our contract is based on EPC (energy performance contracting), that means we earn our share only from your energy savings. If we can’t provide any savings for you, there is no fee for the service.

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