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Why should I use R8 Digital Operator?
To cut your heating and electricity costs with little effort and costs. Also, the technology improves building’s indoor climate and helps you to manage your facilities more effectively with smaller carbon footprint.
How long will the contract last?
Test period would last for 3 months. After that – as long as you like.
Why is the test period needed?
To provide a hassle-free integration of our service and provide an overview of the integration.
Can we terminate the contract?
Yes, whenever you like.
Can I call you if I have any trouble?
Yes, you can call. Still, we recommend you send an e-mail, so we can be better prepared for your questions. We also have a service desk which will help you tackle all the issues quickly and efficiently.
How does R8 Digital Operator influence the indoor climate quality?
It learns how to prevent overheating, overcooling and overventilation to achieve better and more stable indoor climate.
Do we still need our facility management personnel?
If you do not have service personnel, we are ready to manage your automation system (for extra charge). Naturally, we are ready to train your service personnel to use our user interface for free.
What info would you need from us?
We will send you a special form to be filled (it’s quite simple).


Where do the savings come from?
The key aspect is to control smarter. The smarter control system avoids overheating, overcooling and overventilation. R8 Digital Operator improves the current control systems by considering the dynamics of the building, future fluctuations in environment and energy markets. The controls are exclusively optimized for each building.
How much energy will be saved?
Our experience shows that savings can range between 10-20% on total energy costs (equals 20-40% on HVAC energy costs). This depends on the type of the building (shopping mall, office building, hotel etc.), energy class, existing automation system etc.
How much money will be saved?
It can be calculated based on energy savings and price. We expect ca 10-20% savings on total energy bills.
How is energy consumption of different years comparable?
There are several special methodologies that make energy consumptions of different years comparable. Our machine learning based algorithms enable to measure the savings even with hourly precision. In general, monthly energy consumption comparisons are most widely used. We use them both to prove how much energy is saved with R8 Digital Operator.
How can you prove the savings come from your technology?
We can prove it by comparing the current situation using R8 Digital Operator and without it. The comparison of historical energy-consumption utility bills on R8tech dashboard makes it easy to follow.
How much should our company invest?
We can offer different business models. If required then you do not need to invest anything and also future fixed costs can be avoided. Also it can be agreed for a minimal initial investment to cover the cost of the integration which depends on the building automation system.


Should we invest additionally to some other technology? What kind?
No need. But R8tech will give you profitable suggestions which would enable to save more and have a better indoor climate quality.
What technological requirements are needed for using R8 Digital Operator?
We just need a working automation system and an internet connection.
Can R8 Digital Operator be used for every building that has an automation system?
Yes, but our target group includes shopping centres, hotels, office buildings with minimum of 10 000m2 gross floor area.
Is the current BMS (also named BAS) not needed any more while using R8 Digital Operator?
R8 Digital Operator will make BMS’ work more efficient, thus it is important to have a working BMS also. In addition to BMS, which is designed to meet defined safety, comfort and air quality parameters only, R8 Digital Operator considers also the energy cost required to achieve them.
Is R8 Digital Operator easier than existing BMS (BAS) systems?
This is one of our main goals to make operators’ work much easier. Most of the work will be done by R8 Digital Operator, human operator would be responsible just for a couple of parameters easy to control.
Who will install R8tech unit in our building?
We will organize the smooth instalment of the hardware and software. We can also train your personnel how to install and use the technology.
What follows if R8 Digital Operator detects a faulty component (pump, controller, etc)?
R8 Digital Operator is designed to detect all faulty components in building’s technical systems and to inform the operator about the problem and its location immediately. The following steps depend on the agreement with R8tech and client’s wishes. R8tech can only assess the cost of the problem and track the status. We do not provide maintenance.
What happens if we lose internet connection or have some other technical issues?
The systems will continue their normal operation. We also have a service desk which will help to tackle all technical issues quickly and efficiently.
What happens if any R8tech computer or server crashes?
The systems will continue their normal operation. We also have a service desk which will help to tackle all technical issues quickly and efficiently.