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Running Building’s HVAC Systems on Autopilot

R8tech is transforming how energy in buildings is utilised. Read how we have improved air quality and made more profit for our portfolio of clients

Viru Keskus
Viru Keskus

Margus Kolumbus

Chief Maintenance and Development Officer,
Viru Keskus

"2 up-to-date and reliable automation systems (Siemens Desigo Insight and Schneider Electric Struxureware) managing the technological systems have already been used in Viru Keskus, located in the heart of Tallinn. The technological systems of the shopping centre are managed by Ermeesia OÜ, the company providing the best service in this sector in Estonia.

In addition to the above, we have also been using the R8 Digital Operator since July 2017, making us the first shopping centre in the world to use it. What did this solution mean for the real estate owner, its tenants and administrative partners?

First of all, it was confirmed that the resource-intensive costs of Viru Keskus decreased considerably. This, in turn, enabled us to provide high quality real estate services and the associated lower general costs to our tenants regardless of the rise in energy prices.

The satisfaction of both the tenants and the administrative partners of the centre in faster and more precise detection of the problems related to the technological systems has increased. This capability enables us to prevent arising problems in communication with the tenants and any emerging issues can be solved with minimal time resource. Also, the applied artificial intelligence will mean a more efficient use of working time of the technicians and the resulting cut in costs.

It is also worth mentioning that as a result of the more comprehensive management of technological systems the operational lifecycle of the equipment is extended and the investments made are better utilized.

To sum up, it should be said that the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) introduced to us by R8tech are not new and imaginary for us any more, but today’s standard that will become a normality for all real estate companies by tomorrow."

Tanel Kahn

Construction and Facility Manager,
Nautica Keskus

“We decided to get R8 Digital Operator at the end of 2019. The integration process went smoother than expected and within a short period of time the Analytics Module detected numerous faults and anomalies in the building's HVAC systems. We are also very happy with how active and helpful R8’s customer service has been throughout the whole process.”

Martin Kullamaa

Maintenance Project Manager,
EnerTEC Hooldus OÜ

“I am happy with the service R8 has provided to us and would recommend it to anyone. R8 Digital Operator has improved our indoor climate, lowered our energy costs and given us a great overview of the whole building thanks to the clear-cut and interactive charts and tables. The email alerts are very useful since they give us precise information about the location and nature of any possible faults or anomalies in the systems. This enables us to diagnose and fix problems much faster than before. R8’s customer service has always been very friendly and helpful with any questions we’ve had.”


Swedbank Estonia Swedbank Estonia is the headquarters of the Estonian branch in Tallinn, Estonia. Swedbank is the largest bank in Estonia with more than 132,000 business and 900,000 private customers. Swedbank uses R8 Digital Operator to cater to the 25,000 m² air quality of its office building employees.
Arsenal Keskus Arsenal Keskus is the new brands shopping centre of North Tallinn. Opened in autumn 2016, with more than 30 shops and service providers, plus ten distinctive cafes and restaurants measuring 15,000 m², they use our R8 Digital Operator.
Riigi Kinnisvara Riigi Kinnisvara is a real estate development and management company established in 2001, wholly-owned 100% by the Republic of Estonia and managed by the country’s Ministry of Finance. The Harju County Courthouse based in the Estonian capital of Tallinn uses R8 Digital Operator to manage the court’s office buildings providing better indoor comfort to its civil servants.
Mustika Keskus Mustika Keskus is an asset management company founded in 2008, that specialises in real estate investments and private portfolio management. Two of EfTEN’s assets are the two shopping malls, Mustika Keskus and Magistrali Keskus, in the Estonian capital, Tallinn. Both run on R8 Digital Operator streamlining their HVAC costs, covering 36,000 m². Read Mustika Keskus case study
Nautica Keskus Nautica Keskus is a shopping centre located in Tallinn, near the city’s port. It’s owned by Capfield who specialises in the development of commercial buildings in Estonia. Nautica with it’s 23,091 m² is one of the biggest in their portfolio. The mall runs on our R8 Digital Operator programme.
Pontos Pontos is a family-owned Finnish company that selectively invests in different industries in Finland and abroad. One of their property assets is the Viru Keskus shopping centre in Tallinn. This 32,400 m² mall utilises R8 Digital Operator.
Tasku Tasku (55,000m²) is the most well known shopping centre in Tartu, the second largest city in Estonia. The scientific nature of the city is a good reason to use innovative R8 Digital Operator to manage such a large property.
Finest Ärimaja Finest Ärimaja is a 5,000m² office building with 6 floors of commercial and office spaces in a boutique-style environment. Finest Ärimaja uses R8 Digital Operator to offer better value to their building tenants by HVAC-systems Diagnostics and more efficient energy consumption by Autopilot.
Ülemiste Keskus Ülemiste Keskus is the biggest shopping centre in Estonia. With a 99,643m² it is an upstanding neighbor to Tallinn Airport in the country’s capital city.
REDI REDI mall in Helsinki, Finland is a 63,500 m² building that contains restaurants, shops and parking. The building’s owners consulted with R8tech’s engineers on how to optimise their diagnostics.
Mainor Ülemiste Mainor Ülemiste , the developer of the new business hub located outside of Tallinn Airport, uses R8 Digital Operator to detect faults and streamline maintenance work in its 19,600 m² Öpiku House office building.

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