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Virtual Power Plant

Upgrade R8 Digital Operator with Virtual Power Plant and start earning money!

Virtual Power Plant (VPP, also known as Demand Response) provides an opportunity for large electricity consumers to have a role in the operation of the electricity grid by reducing their electricity usage during peak periods and earn extra money from this. 

R8 Digital Operator takes electricity peaks into consideration and thus minimizes the electricity consumption during the periods of the highest electricity prices. We work with anticipated peaks that are known for a reasonable time before. This way we can still offer energy efficiency and indoor climate comfort and thus support you in achieving ESG goals as well! 

R8 Virtual Power Plant is the most advanced VPP service as it does not require any additional hardware installation or investment and is connected to the HVAC control via the R8 Digital Operator. 

How does it work?

The electricity provider sends a request to the VPP service provider to reduce electricity consumption by x MW in total at a given hour. Our VPP service works with the larger commercial buildings and the building owner/operator decides to participate and avoid energy during the period indicated by the energy provider and is paid for this by the energy provider.


The strength of the R8 VPP is its ability to provide a VPP service in such a way that the indoor climate comfort is monitored and maintained in good condition even during the VPP service. Sudden decreases in electricity use will disrupt the required indoor climate and energy efficiency. Every building has some inertia, but to achieve an efficient level of energy consumption again, the building generally uses more electricity than it would without VPP action. As a result, the overall energy consumption also increases due to VPP. CO2 emissions – in most cases will increase, but in some cases can be reduced (e.g. if the action avoids starting a coal or oil fired power plant). In some building types, small variations in indoor climate are not very important, but offices, hotels, shopping centres – buildings with large numbers of people – need excellent indoor climate for health and well-being.

In our experience, the economic return on energy savings is much higher than the revenue generated by VPP. However, R8 VPP, together with energy and indoor climate management by R8 Digital Operator, adds economic value.

* The availability and economic viability of VPP depends on the readiness situation and market regulation in the country concerned. The R8 VPP service is currently offered in Estonia and soon to be launched in other countries.

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