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We are looking for talents to join our wonderful team always. See if there is something attractive for you in our list of vacancies. If nothing there now, feel free to send your CV anyway!

Why join us?

We are a fast-growing company...

with an international reach in our daily work. We take on global sustainability challenges and support our clients' day-to-day goals. Also look at our clients!

Our vacation policy...

is more friendly than required by the law (no need to confirm it 4 months in advance, 1-day holidays are OK etc) including the vacation payment.

Our main solution...

... the R8 Digital Operator - is an absolute TOP! There are many smart building solutions available all around the world but we have not seen any better solution yet. Also look at our awards and memberships.

We are constantly learning and developing...

we support Your growth within the organization and offer the opportunity to participate in various trainings and conferences that support both your professional and personal development. Also - if You enjoy writing articles, we have international channels to publish the good ones – CBRE PropTech, Across Magazine, Kiinteistöuutiset etc!

Our office is in tech hub...

... situated in Ülemiste City (Tallinn). We have pleasant work environment where our people can choose their workplace based on the nature of their work. Our workshop encourages collaboration and has a smaller environmental footprint. And if necessary, we move to a larger workshop (like we are planning from the Jan. 01, 2022, still in Ülemiste City).

And least but not last...

you can take part in various events both across the company and within the team. We would be very happy if you would join us to carry out this mission together with us! By the way, when did you have mushrooms  & wine for the start of your office day the last time? 😊

3 Questions

What did You do before joining R8tech?

For the last 9 years worked in the HVAC design and energy efficiency consulting. Experienced in BIM and always try to be closer to new technologies in the construction field.

Why did You joined R8tech?

R8tech is changing the world and will be a cornerstone on the road to a sustainable future. I want to be a part of it.

Does R8tech seem to be a company for Your longer term goals?

Each new project is a small step towards a great goal, I like this feeling. The company has long-term goals, values, tactics and strategy, I believe that our journey should be long and interesting.

What did You do before joining R8tech?

Before joining R8tech I had 10 exciting years with Estonian State Real Estate company during their main growth period. Earlier multiple inspiring projects were available in the Baltics and Russia with Pöyry corporation.

Why did You joined R8tech?

My background actually comes from HVAC and Energy Efficiency of buildings so it is a dream come true to evolve together as R8tech team in HVAC and artificial intelligence fields and of course scale over the European and Global markets.

Does R8tech seem to be a company for Your longer term goals?

As you might know the R8 Digital Operator is an unique SaaS based solution for the real estate owners and maintenance companies so this is just a beginning 🙂 and we are looking for great team members!

What did You do before joining R8tech?

I was studying for my bachelor’s degree and working part-time during my free time.

Why did You joined R8tech?

The main reason is definitely the learning and development chances while working at R8tech. I have had great opportunities during last three years here and there is a potential for improvement always.

Does R8tech seem to be a company for Your longer term goals?

R8tech recently started this journey and already proved itself in such a relatively short time. As one of the early stage employees in this company, I can clearly see the rapid growth and we all see this continuing indefinitely. We also have a strong motivation here: saving the environment.

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