Our goal is to cut your building’s energy costs and
help your business to get a competitive
Machine Learning
Machine Learning


The control logic relies on the historical, real-time and future data of building behavior, the weather and energy market fluctuations.

We have developed intelligent control algorithms, which are based on powerful cutting-edge technologies that target to find the most optimal systems control path with minimal user interaction.

The implementation of the hybrid control system to your building automation system is fast, hassle free and with zero risks.

Interactive dashboard

Additionally, R8 control system includes an interactive customer-focused dashboard. It provides a user-friendly control over the systems operation and valuable performance analysis with fault detection.

The dashboard is tested and developed in co-operation with facility managers, operators and technical staff to significantly increase their efficiency.

The efficiency ultimately provides greater satisfaction for both tenants and occupants.

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Customer focus


We are focusing on shopping centers, office buildings and hotels.

Outline Outline Outline

Customer satisfaction

Financial benefits

Marginal investment costs with exceptionally fast return

Energy cost savings

Competitive advantage from lower costs

Highly motivated R8 team drive during the contract period

Zero risks

Technical benefits

Compatibility with client’s automation systems

Well-working program with clear goals

Improvement of current indoor energy system

Interactive performance dashboard

Faulty components detection and reduced downtime

Strong R&D team of R8

Ecological benefits

Reduced/minimal carbon footprint

System integration journey

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System Integration

Interactive dashboard

Training and feedback

Data collection

Autonomous control optimization

Faulty components detection

Energy consumption and savings overview



About us

We are a tech company with a clear goal to advance the efficiency of existing building automation systems to provide our customers significantly lower utility costs and increase their competitiveness.

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