Maximize your building
performance and save up to
20% CO2 emissions.

Artificially intelligent Digital Operator makes
sure that your building is operating with
maximum performance

Get R8 Digital Operator for your building!

What is it and why to have it?

Let R8 Digital Operator run the indoor climate in your building. It heats, cools and ventilates the rooms at the right time in the right amount. It’s a web-based software add-on for your Building Automation System (BAS).

Smaller bills

Cut up to 40% of the heating, cooling and ventilating energy use (equals up to ca 20% of total energy use) while keeping good indoor comfort. We make it happen by optimizing your BAS 4 times an hour.


Efficient fault detection

Find and fix faults fast with the help of our algorithms. Once a fault is found, the maintenance team gets an instant notification for repair works.


One web dashboard

One place for live updates as well as making adjustments to the systems.


Smaller carbon footprint

By helping you save wisely on your buildings indoor climate expenses, R8 Digital Operator will also make its carbon footprint significantly smaller. Help the planet by helping yourself.


More satisfaction

Better indoor climate leads to better health and improves performance of employees. Happy staff, tenants and visitors are the foundation of a good business.

In detail

You already have a Building Automation System?
Why would you need a R8 add-on?


Cut up to 20% off your current building energy bills. While BAS helps to save energy, R8 goes beyond. Considering that HVAC system in shopping mall/office building/hotel without R8 consumes 40-50% of total energy cost, then once R8 is applied it generates extra savings of 10 to 20%.

17 520x more frequent

People come and go, weather and energy prices change fast. To heat, cool and air the building is a challenge. Usually BAS adjustments are made twice yearly. We make them 4x an hour, which is 17 520x more frequently. This ensures optimal indoor climate in every room, always

Full picture

BAS views are fragmented and only accessible on console, on site. R8 offers a full overview of technical systems, their history and present state. Our web-based and user-oriented dashboard is accessible anywhere, anytime.

No worries

BAS gives you only some basic alerts. R8 takes care of all your worries by detailed analysis of each HVAC component and automatic task generation for technical teams.

m2 of connected area
kg of saved CO2
detected issues
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R8tech in cooperation with Department of Civil Engineering & Architecture and Department of Computer Systems of Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) have been granted a 165000€ R&D grant by Archimedes Foundation.