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With R8 Jenny you can

achieve desired climate
comfort at minimal cost!

Intelligent energy control software for your buildings

R8 Jenny works in

20 countries

Datapoints connected

8 800 000+

CO2 savings

60K+ tons

Energy savings

even > 30%

Portfolio size

4 000 000 m²

Portfolio value

12 B+ €

R8 Jenny provides a rapid ESG compliant relief for volatile energy prices and energy consumption reduction

It has never been so simple to increase energy efficiency and sustainability in commercial real estate. Our award-winning AI-powered HVAC solution, the R8 Digital Operator, integrates easily with all modern building management systems. R8 Digital Operator is a technical assistant increasing the daily operations in your building.

As a result, it starts saving money and the environment with zero-CapEx from day one. Contact us and let’s save the planet – together!

R8 Digital Operator works based on 3 main KPI’s:

Energy efficiency

Energy savings and CO2 emission reduction
at least 15%  and potentially more than 30%

Desired indoor climate

Indoor comfort rates based on real
measured data over 90%

Technical condition

Detecting ‘invisible’ faults & anomalies
and turning these into tasks

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Our clients are premium class commercial buildings with high indoor climate comfort requirements and sustainability goals and low tolerance for system failures.

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