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With R8 Jenny you can

achieve desired climate
comfort at minimal cost!

Intelligent energy control software for your buildings

R8 Digital Operator works in

19 countries

Datapoints connected

2 500 000+

CO2 savings

20K+ tons

Energy savings

even > 30%

Portfolio size

2 000 000+ m²

Portfolio value

5 B+ €

R8 Jenny is a rapid relief for dramatic energy prices and high energy consumption

It has never been so simple to increase energy efficiency and sustainability in commercial real estate. Our award-winning AI-powered HVAC solution, the R8 Digital Operator, integrates easily with all modern building management systems. R8 Digital Operator is the 1st digital and the most efficient member of your technical team.

As a result, it starts saving money and the environment with zero-CapEx from day one. Contact us and let’s save the planet – together!

R8 Digital Operator works based on 3 main KPI’s:

Energy efficiency

Energy savings and CO2 emissio reduction
at least 15%  and potentially more than 30%

Desired indoor climate

Indoor comfort rates based on real
measured data over 90%

Technical condition

Detecting ‘invisible’ faults & anomalies
and turning these into tasks

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Our clients are premium class commercial buildings with high indoor climate comfort requirements and sustainability goals and low tolerance for system failures.

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