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R8 Jenny has helped to reduce Latvian “Origo” shopping center’s energy bills by 20% and CO2 emissions by 288 tons

Last year, shopping center “Origo” saved almost 150,000 euros in energy consumption –  a significant cost reduction was achieved thanks to our smart energy saving solution R8 Jenny. Since May 2022, when “Origo” started cooperation with us, the amount of carbon emissions of the shopping center has decreased by 288 tons.

“Origo” representative Juris Lipskis: “We have achieved a lot in the field of energy-efficient management – we can feel sure that our energy consumption is monitored and optimized according to the requirements of our internal climate. It is also important that we can more promptly evaluate data on energy consumption and savings, as well as follow other climate measurements in the building.”

Designed for commercial and public buildings, the R8 Jenny collects data on temperature, air quality and energy consumption on a daily basis. Artificial intelligence makes changes to heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to achieve maximum efficiency.

Changes in the internal climate of a building occur once every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day. Taking into account that “Jenny” does not use pre-calculated settings, the building’s climate maintenance is continuously improving, with a comfort level exceeding 90% and an average energy saving of 25%. Such a resource control system ensures not only a frugal and environmentally friendly climate, but also the sustainability of technical equipment.

Our smart energy-saving tool works in favor of the customer and the surrounding environment – if it were applied worldwide, CO2 emissions would decrease globally by 1%-2%.

R8 Technologies CEO Siim Täkker: “Achieving global CO2 emission targets is possible through technology and engineering. In total, our customers reduced their CO2 emissions by 15,000 tonnes last year, with an average energy saving of 20.2%, which provided a financial benefit of 7 million euros.”

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