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“Automatic climate control in cooperation with R8tech brings us three positive facts. Firstly, the centre reduces its CO2 emissions. Secondly, we save our own, the owners’ and tenants’ financial resources and thirdly, we can now offer our visitors a much more pleasant indoor environment!"
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„We are very happy with cooperation of R8 Technologies team. In addition to all cost- and CO2 savings we are enjoying much healthier indoor climate, which also reflects by our empolyees as a positive feedback. Also, now we are able to make much better decisions based by actual numbers and facts with our real estate management partner.”

"Resource-intensive costs decreased with R8 Digital Operator considerably. This enabled us to provide high quality real estate services and the associated lower general costs to our tenants regardless of the rise in energy prices. To sum up, it should be said that the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) introduced to us by R8tech are not new and imaginary for us any more, but today’s standard that will become a normality for all real estate companies by tomorrow!"

"I am happy with the service R8tech has provided to us and would recommend it to anyone. R8 Digital Operator has improved our indoor climate, lowered our energy costs and given us a great overview of the whole building thanks to the clear-cut and interactive charts and tables.

The email alerts are very useful since they give us precise information about the location and nature of any possible faults or anomalies in the systems. This enables us to diagnose and fix problems much faster than before. R8tech’s customer service has always been very friendly and helpful with any questions we’ve had."

"We decided to get R8 Digital Operator at the end of 2019. The integration process went smoother than expected and within a short period of time the Analytics Module detected numerous faults and anomalies in the building's HVAC systems. We are also very happy with how active and helpful R8tech’s customer service has been throughout the whole process."

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