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Now offices worldwide are reopening – after employees have been working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic – organizations face the challenge of organizing a safe return. How can you balance the scale between abiding by social distancing restrictions and staff requests for a quiet office and team interaction?

We have spoken to several clients and dug into various reports. The desire to return to the office is high. Yet, on the other hand, staff members have their concerns. What if too many people come to the office? Has the climate control system been maintained? What about the ventilation in our old building? How many team members can book the board room for a meeting? The answers to many of these questions depend on your situation, e.g., organization size, staff requirements, building dimensions, systems regulating indoor air quality, etc.

This eBook helps you to answer your questions. We gladly share our knowledge, enabling you to take the required steps to make the return to the office pleasant, efficient, and safe.

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