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Look at the video: Estonian largest entertainment centre Ülemiste is very satisfied with our R8 Digital Operator

R8 Digital Operator Ülemiste Center

Can there be anything more convincing when your client makes a video about your energy efficiency solution supporting their buildings? This is exactly Ülemiste Centre has done and we are glad to share it!

Ülemiste Centre is the largest  retail and entertainment center in Estonia with 125.000m2. Visitors’, tenants’ and employees’ satisfaction together with sustainability goals are main priorities.

We are proud to support Ülemiste Centre’s sustainability goals with our R8 Digital Operator since 2020. And the results – in this 3 minute video produced by Ülemiste, their CEO Guido Pärnits is speaking about the benefits of using R8 Digital Operator and our CEO Siim Täkker is explaining how the AI works.

Guido Pärnits: “Automatic climate control in cooperation with R8tech brings us three positive facts. Firstly, the centre reduces its CO2 emissions. Secondly, we save our own, the owners’ and tenants’ financial resources and thirdly, we can now offer our visitors a much more pleasant indoor environment!

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