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It’s an Earth Day 2022! And the time to act is NOW.

R8 Technologies is proud to join forces with 400 leading digital companies for the Time for Climate Action campaign. On dedicated the website, you can see what we – and other companies – are doing to protect the climate, all year round. We invite you to join us!

When it comes to climate action, we’re on the same journey as you – learning how to reduce our carbon footprint and learning how our main product, the R8 Digital Operator, can save it for your commercial real estate you manage, day by day, step by step!

The call for climate action comes at an acute time, harbouring benefits for both our planet and our society. As transitioning to green energy alternatives means cutting support for fossil fuel based regimes, it is also crucial to make existing and new buildings sustainable. And here is our strong focus, efforts and energy.

Here, in our microsite you can really act in 5 minutes time frame – just choose the country, the area of matter and send a letter with the key person in a shortest time. There is no more direct impact possible. Try it out! 

Earth Day 2022 R8 Technologies

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