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Less CO2, significantly smaller energy costs and better indoor climate for Swedbank HQ in Tallinn as a direct result of our R8 Digital Operator!

R8tech Digital Operator Swedbank Energy efficiency

Being in cooperation with Swedbank from 2017, we can now share some clear and numerical evidence of our AI HVAC technology solution’s efficiency with feedback from the customer.

Situated in Tallinn City centre, the Estonian HQ of Swedbank is fully integrated with R8 Digital Operator service and as a result of R8tech software well over 130 000 € of energy costs has been saved and over 1050 tons of CO2 has been reduced during that time period.

„We are very happy with cooperation of R8 Technologies and Forus Management teams. In addition to all cost- and CO2 savings we are enjoying much healthier indoor climate, which also reflects by our empolyees as a positive feedback. Also, with our real estate management partner, the Forus Management, we are now able to make much better decisions based by actual numbers and facts,” said Jaan Kõiv, Swedbank’s administrative division project manager.

„Thanks to our software valuable working time is saved, as the AI manages the HVAC systems most efficiently and finds all anomalies and bugs in fully automated way, so that the maintenance team can now focus only to physical issues and repairs. As in older buildings these device-related risks are even bigger, it is more important to organize the technical teams to focus only for the top priority issues. Automated data-driven fault’s detection is crucial, so we have been dedicated improving the algoritms, which could easily detect broken devices,” added Siim Täkker, CEO of R8 Technologies.

Next to the Swedbank R8 Technologies has already quite many well-acknowledged clients from all over the Europe – WeWork, CBRE, EDP, Radission Blu, EfTEN and many others.

Average savings in total energy costs is about 15-20% and overall CO2 savings is more than 15 000 tons. R8tech is active with its AI HVAC technology already in 18 countries and portfolio size is more than 900 000 m².

If you are interested achieving ESG goals and reducing energy costs, don’t hesitate to contact our area managers or write Your inquiry to e-mail info@r8tech.ee and let’s start the journey together!

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