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Look at the video! SET22 finalist R8 Technologies ensures the greenest energy for commercial buildings

Siim Täkker R8 Technologies video

It was spring when we wrote that Start Up Energy Transition (SET) announced the best technology companies in Berlin for the 6th time and R8 Technologies was selected as one of the three best technology companies in the category “Demand-side innovation”.

Now they have listed us on their website with call to action to meet us at the sixth edition of the SET Tech Festival 2022, in Berlin on 20 September 2022 but that’s not all – they also made a nice video interview with our CEO Siim Täkker.

Click and have a look! 👉

“We provide our customers with the greenest energy.
Greenest Energy is the energy that is never consumed
and thus, never produced…

If this technology is applied globally,
it can reduce up 1-2% of total C02 emissions.”

If you are interested in achieving your company’s ESG goals and
saving in energy costs, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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