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Step by step: how R8 Digital Operator connects with your building and starts saving money!

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How R8 Digital Operator connects with a building through the internet?

Actually, when saying „to connect with the building” we mean that R8 Digital Operator connects with the Building Management System (BMS) as this is the core control centre of building’s maintenance. It is done using software feature called application programming interface (API), which is a common solution for many kind of different integrations (used in banks, media-business etc).

The API is a standard module in the BMS, maintained by the BMS’s manufacturer. There are also BMS’s that don’t have an API and in those cases we interact with the industry’s standard protocols like OPC-UA or BACnet/IP.

Should the client worry about the connection safety?

Security has a crucial importance for us and for the R8 Digital Operator. There are two ways for establishing a secure connection with a client: first is the TLS/SSL connection to the client’s public IP. Our requests are forwarded from there to the computer running the BMS. Second way is to do it via an IPSEC VPN tunnel.

In case of a TLS/SSL, we always suggest addingan IP-filtering rule in the client’s router, so the BMS would only be visible for requests coming from R8 Technologies’ IP addresses.

What are the BMS's we can successfully connect?

We can connect to any modern BMS, which either has an API (like Siemens, Niagara, Schneider Electric, Fidelix, Sauter, DEOS etc) or OPC-UA server driver, also other and older systems can be controlled over BACnet/IP.

What happens after Digital Operator has been connected with the BMS?

After the connection the next step starts – integration of datapoints with R8 Digital Operator. It takes ca 1-3 weeks. After that R8tech analyses building’s performance, called as Building Performance Analysis (BPA) during ca 3 weeks.

This gives a clear picture of different HVAC and indoor climate related issues. After the BPA report presentation we gradually start the Digital Operator and share later a monthly report of its ongoing performance and results.

So just sit back and enjoy both – the best indoor climate and energy savings!

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