The Story

Siim Täkker

Co-Founder, CEO

I was working previously on building energy simulations and optimization algorithms at a scientific engineering level. In 2016 I started working for one of the biggest building servicing companies in Estonia, I saw a big savings potential in the way they were operated at that time.

My friends and I started developing an HVAC optimization platform that could be integrated into any building and would make its automation systems independent.

With proper data analysis, we discovered that there were countless faults within the building HVAC systems that did not get solved in time or remained unseen. It was clear that there was an urgent need for improvement in the field.

Meet the team

Today, we have evolved into a company of 18 people uniting experience from building servicing, energy modelling, HVAC design, computational and artificial intelligence, machine learning and software engineering in mission-critical high-security environments.
Imre-Gustav Vellamaa
Co-Founder, CFO
Over 23 years of professional management experience in various roles linked to international SME commerce and trade with special focus on HVAC solutions. Published series of books and articles, given lectures in co-operation with the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Ahmet Köse
Co-Founder, CIO
Control Systems Expert with over 12 years of research experience in computational and artificial intelligence, machine learning, designing control of complex systems and system modelling. Received numerous awards and recognition at IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence, SoftCOM IEEE conference and Salento AVR conference among others.
Mait Sarv
Co-Founder, CTO
Software developer with over 7 years of experience in designing user-friendly big-data platforms. Full stack web developer with ability to maintain and develop frontend, backend and optimise system security architectures.
Imre Purret
Co-Founder, Software Engineer
Backend developer and data systems architect with over 7 years of experience in building reliable software solutions in complicated data-intensive businesses. His former clients include government organisations, telecoms and banks.

Engine & Analytics

Marko Eltermann
Data Scientist
Lauri Loo
Energy Modeler
Henry Ginter
Data Analyst
Karl Kangur
Integration Engineer

Customer & Operations

Dagmar Teppe
Project Manager
Emre Köse
Heiki Üleoja
Rein Post
Infrastructure Engineer

User Interface

Kairit Šor
UI/UX Designer
Triin Linnaks
Graphic Designer
Bitchiko Kodua
Full Stack Developer
Ayobami Adewale
Full Stack Developer


Miko Stenman
Finland Area Manager
Glebs Kiselovs
Latvia Area Manager
Sebastiaan Jager
Netherlands Area Manager


Kristo Peerna
Investment Partner & Advisor
Ants Vasar
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R8tech team during Winter Training Days at Himos, Finland.