Let the numbers talk – this is how much R8 Digital Operator reduces Your costs within one month alone!

February 02, 2022

R8 Digital Operator is a fully automated Artificial Intelligence heating, ventilation and air conditioning (AI HVAC) tool that autonomously manages the building’s technical systems.

It helps You to achieve sustainability goals, it improves buildings’ indoor climate and significantly saves on Your energy costs. To put it simply – it’s Your first digital and the most efficient employee.

R8 Digital Operator brings really positive and clear results:

Look the green numbers above – these are actual results of total energy savings taken from our monthly report, achieved in just a month! And imagine the positive impact with already 12 months included!

How is it achieved?

The magic begins when R8 Digital Operator is connected to the Building’s Management System. As a result, it starts regulating the systems’ controllable parameters by including building dynamical modelling, real-time user interaction and predictions of weather and electricity prices to heat, ventilate and cool rooms at the right time and for the right amount. It adjusts settings after every 15 minutes for 24/7 if needed. Results are clear and visible from the day one.

Are there any more benefits?

Yes, in addition to lowering CO2, improving indoor climate and reducing building’s energy costs, there are actually many more benefits to consider: facility managers can start focusing much on more important duties than regulating valves. Also, it increases real estate value, makes the system’s lifespan longer and puts more transparency in the technical operations.

Have a look to our portfolio:

R8 Digital Operator is a busy and hard-working type – it is already managing quite a few well-known buildings all over Europe. R8tech is already active in 19 countries and its portfolio size is more than 1 000 000 m². Have a look of its vast experience in our portfolio.

R8tech portfolio

Interested in cutting Your energy costs?

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