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Meet our Area Manager: Michal Lom, representing Czech Republic and Slovakia

Michal Lom, R8 Technologies Area Manager in Czech and Slovakia

We are happy to launch a new format dedicated to our key players, the R8 Technologies Area Managers. It’s is about a time to bring them into the spotlight, as they are directly representing company’s AI HVAC solution, the R8 Digital Operator.

At the moment we have already 12 Area Managers who represent R8 Digital Operator in 17 European countries and one in LatAM, in the Chile. The market potential is impressive, as all the countries must met their ESG goals. Commercial Real Estate sector has quite big footprint in regards of CO2 emissions and overall energy efficiency, and there are over 1 billion maintanable square meters only in Europe.

AI HVAC R8 Digital Operator scheme

First Area Manager to be introduced is Michal Lom from Czech Republic. In addition to representing his homeland he is also covering Slovakia’s market.

Michal has received a Ph.D. degree from Smart City modeling in Czech Technical University in Prague and offers consultancy and advisory services in the areas of Building Control Systems, IoT and Systems Integration.

Michal, what is Your overall background in this area?

As a child I wanted to be an archaeologist :-). Nevertheless, I’m really glad to end up in the Building’s Automation Industry. I have devoted myself to this field already more than 10 years. I have also received a Ph.D. from Modeling of Smart Cities using Multi-Agent Systems. Before joing R8Tech, I worked for Honeywell, Tridium and J2Innovations (Siemens).

What would consider to be most important or crucial in achieving ESG goals in Your countries?

Firstly, I find that R8 Digital Operator has a great potential to reduce energy consumption without any significant investment. It is an unique and complete solution with all the aspects covered for easy integration plus fast and visible results.

ESG is one of the tools to support sustainably and our AI HVAC solution can help you to collect all relevant date from a Building to provide the reports. And from financial perspective can be ESG enable businesses to deliver change and stakeholders to better understand their full value and impact.

If You are also interested in achieving Your company’s ESG goals and saving up to 30% in energy costs in Czech and Slovak’s market, don’t hesitate to contact Michal Lom via michal.lom@r8tech.io

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