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R8 Technologies was selected among TOP100 in “Tech for IMPACT Map” by Builtworld and PriceWaterhouseCoopers

R8tech as Tech for IMPACT Map TOP100

Builtworld – the leading Event Platform of the Construction and Real Estate Industry in cooperation with PriceWaterhouseCoopers has presented the first-ever “Tech for IMPACT” Map – ESG for the Built World and we are very proud about the fact that R8 Digital Operator was also chosen among the TOP100!

100 leading ESG technology companies. Covering the built world lifecycle: climate analytics and risk research, sustainable building, asset management, ESG reporting and smart cities. All 100 companies are active in Europe and pursue the goal to achieve the greatest positive impact. Impact-oriented investments are already established internationally, however the impact sector is still nascent in the real estate, construction, infrastructure and smart city ecosystems. The new Tech for IMPACT Map by Builtworld & PriceWaterhouseCoopers sets the stage for positive change by establishing transparency and promoting innovation.

“We have worked hard and, knowing quite well what is happening in the global PropTech market, I can confidently confirm that R8 Digital Operator is the absolute top solution in the world. Undoubtedly, it is very positive that we are increasingly recognized – for example, we have been selected CleanTech Group TOP50 to Watch and are the recipient of the Tallinn City Entrepreneurship of the Year award for the Future Technology 2021. This increases the chances that our technology will get the most out of both business and global challenges,” said Siim Täkker, CEO of R8 Technologies.

I believe in AI

R8 Technologies is in the frontline of supporting commercial real estate industry fighting the global ESG and operational efficiency challenges.

R8 Technologies has developed one of the most successful Artificial Intelligence based tool in the world, R8 Digital Operator that takes premium class commercial buildings’ technical management to the next generation by ensuring highest indoor climate comfort and energy efficiency.

R8 Technologies is active in 18 different countries across the Europe, including Finland, Portugal, Austria, Poland, Netherlands etc. Company’s HQ is located in Tallinn, Estonia – the „Silicon Valley“ of Europe. Among the clients are WeWork, CBRE, EDP, Radisson BLU, EfTEN Capital and others.

R8 Digital Operator is operating over 900.000 m² of commercial buildings today, and the area is growing. Our average energy savings rate is 15-20% with a better indoor climate. Over 15.000 tons of CO2 emissions have been reduced due to R8tech for today.