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Did You know that R8tech brings many benefits for obtaining LEED certificate?

R8 Technologies LEED

No matter if it’s a shopping mall, hotel or office – when it comes to commercial real estate, there’s always a need for smarter and better maintenance, longer building life span, smaller environmental footprint and better indoor climate – in other words, we are talking about GREEN buildings.

The demand for making buildings green is only rising – it is driven by global warming, environmental regulations, growing focus on occupant health and most certainly booming energy prices.

An internationally acknowledged method to prove your commercial building’s sustainability is sustainability certification. One of the most prominent is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). It is a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement and also the most widely used green building rating system in the world.

Activation of different R8tech services gives a big push in obtaining a LEED certificate for your commercial real estate – as about 1/3 of the total possible LEED points are directly related to our services.

An example: Viru Keskus, a shopping centre in Tallinn, which initially obtained O&M Silver certification in 2015, but after further initiatives, including adoption of the R8 Digital Operator in 2017, it skipped the O&M Gold and jumped directly to LEED O&M Platinum in 2019 – an article about it can be found here, click.

Following R8tech services provides value when obtaining LEED:

  1. Most point-awarding credit is R8 Digital Operator’s ability to reduce building’s energy use up to 30%.

  2. R8 Digital Operator tracks energy use and identifies various opportunities for additional energy savings – thereby it covers LEED’s advanced energy metering credit.

  3. R8tech services helps to meet the owner’s project requirements for energy, indoor environmental quality and durability, thereby helping to receive the points from Enhanced Commissioning credit.

  4. R8 Digital Operator helps to prevent long-term maintenance issues and wasted energy – it ensures that everything functions as intended. The Handover Testing and monthly building performance analysis help easily achieve Enhanced & Monitoring-based Commissioning.

  5. R8tech offers an opportunity to contribute to the electricity grid’s efficiency by enrolling in a Virtual Power Plant (Demand Response) program.

  6. R8tech helps to integrate sustainable technologies by refining buildings with more proactive digital transformations.

  7. R8 Digital Operator guarantees indoor air quality and thereby contributes to the comfort and well-being of building occupants, which helps to achieve enhanced Indoor Air Quality Strategies and thermal comfort credits.

If you are interested in achieving your company’s ESG goals and saving up to 30% in energy costs, don’t hesitate to contact us – click here!

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